Area B/Zone 2

MPS Districts 3 & 5

MPS Districts 3 & 5


Board of Education Districts 3 & 5 Parent Advisory Council


The Office of Student, Family and Community Engagement has been working to restructure the Area meetings.  Our work must align with our Strategic Plan:  Acceleration 2020, so that everything we do supports academic and social emotional success for all students.  To be sure we are including all families, the boundaries for the meetings have changed and now follow the Board of Education Districts (BOE districts). 

We are currently looking for people to be part of the Working Group that will help us design the work for the 2016-17 school year! Everyone is welcome no matter where you live or where your children attend school. Community members are always welcome. Want to participate?

Contact 612.668.0198

Map of District 3

Map of District 5

  • K-8 East: Andersen | Anishinabe | Green | Hiawatha | Howe | Keewaydin | Northrop |Sullivan | Wenonah
  • K-8 Magnet: Bancroft | Dowling | Folwell Performing Arts | Seward
  • High School: Broadway | Roosevelt | South | Wellstone 

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