Area C/Zone 3

Board of Education Districts 4 & 6

Board of Education Districts 4 & 6
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BOE 4 & 6 Schools:

Board of Education District 4: BrynMawr, Emerson, Jefferson, Kenwood, Whittier, River Bend, Anwatin, Harrison, Fair Downtown

Board of Education District 6: Lyndale, Lake Harriet, Burroughs, Kenny, Windom, Armatage, Barton, Anthony, Ramsey, SWHS, WHS

The Office of Student, Family and Community Engagement has been working to restructure the Area meetings.  Our work must align with our Strategic Plan:  Acceleration 2020, so that everything we do supports academic and social emotional success for all students.  To be sure we are including all families the boundaries for the meetings have changed and now follow the Board of Education Districts (BOE districts). The first meetings were held in February. 

At the February 25th meeting a Working Group was formed to begin the planning for future meetings and to draft a charter.  The Charter is an agreement between the group and MPS.  It outlines responsibilities and shapes the outcomes of the meetings. The group will begin work with the volunteer parents and add members as interest is expressed and we have recruited from schools to ensure broad representation. 

What:  Board of Education Districts 4&6 Working Group





Format:  Planning for April Family & Community Meeting & Drafting the Charter


Map of BOE district 4 link, district 6 link


Who:  Everyone is welcome no matter where you live or where your children attend school. Community members are always welcome.


Childcare will be available for ages 3 & Up, Spanish and

Somali interpreters will be available.  Light refreshments will be served.