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Class of 2011-2012
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Parent Testimonials, Class of 2011-2012
Parent Testimonials, Class of 2011-2012

Because of CPEO I am more prepared to talk to my children about college. I am now aware of the resources available at school. I feel more of a connection to my child’s school and it was nice to connect with other parents.  Amber Boyce-Fisk – Northeast Middle School CPEO Parent

After completing the program, I will be become more involved with the community and helping kids; talking to them about education and college. I am more encouraged about being active in school and volunteering.  Rodney Watt – North High School CPEO Parent

This program has helped me learn the pitfalls to avoid and made me realize how quickly the next 4yrs will go by. I also learned how invested in our daughters education we as parents are. I made acquaintance with other parents new to school. I am now looking for scholarships. CPEO informed me about PSAT/SAT schedules and preparation opportunities and the difference between AP courses and IB curriculum. I learned How to contact the counselors. Also learned about Naviance and its purpose and how grades and other non-academic activity are judged by colleges.  Christopher Cross – South High School CPEO Parent

CPEO has given me insight on high school and college. CPEO has taught me lessons and facts about having a relationship with the school.  Monte Mathinson- South High School CPEO Parent

I learned the importance of being in frequent contact with the counselor. I understand the importance of expecting good grades of our children in order to go to college.  Ines C. Merchan- Edison High School CPEO Parent

CPEO, it’s a complete program, which helped us to understand how the Minneapolis Public Schools works. I learned high school graduation and college admission  requirements. Miguel Ángel Rodríguez- Roosevelt High School CPEO Parent

The visit to the U of M was very important because my daughter’s comment was Mom I want to graduate from this university and I said daughter, “Yes you will”.  Martha Rios Quiñones- Washburn High School CPEO Parent

CPEO provided information that I had totally ignored. Thank you for preparing us in this way so we can support and guide our children to achieve their goal of going to college.    Gloria Tepozteco Sánchez- Washburn High School CPEO Parent

My wife and I learned what financial aid is, why students need to pass the ACT or SAT test, and the importance of having excellent communication with your student’s counselor.    Alfredo Luis Alonso- Washburn High School CPEO Parent