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If you are a Title 1 school and are interested in having the Connecting Parents to Educational Opportunities (CPEO) program at your school next year, please fill out the information below and fax it to (612) 668-2097, Attn: Damon Gunn. Due to Title 1 funding restrictions, only Tile 1 schools are eligible.  For the 2014-2015 school year there will be a few changes in how the program is offered.  First, there will be no cost for your school to host a CPEO session.  The Office of Student, Family and Community Engagement will cover the cost of facilitators, food, transportation, materials and child care.    The deadline for applications is Friday, April 18.  If you have questions, please call Damon Gunn, program coordinator at (612) 668-2095.

 About the program

CPEO is a seven-week program designed for parents; bringing schools, parents and community together as equal partners in the education of students. CPEO provides a framework for creating a community in which parents and teachers collaborate to transform students’ educational environment, both at home and at school, so that all students can achieve their greatest academic potential.

CPEO is offered to parents with children in elementary, middle and high school. The program is taught in four languages, English, Spanish, Hmong and Somali. There is also a CPEO program for Native American families.  Parents are provided the option to attend the program in the language of their choice. The facilitators of the program are ethnic and language specific.

About the curriculum

Each level of the curriculum offers grade appropriate information including the following:

  • How the school system functions and operates
  • How to prepare for and understand standardized tests and assessments
  • How to calculate grade point averages (GPAs)
  • How to understand report cards
  • How to effectively communicate with principals, teachers and other school staff
  • How to prepare for college

 The curriculum is designed to:

  • Help parents create home learning environments
  • Develop skills for collaborating with school staff
  • Support parents in understanding the emotional and social development of their children
  • Help navigate the school system
  • Provide parents with the necessary information for post-secondary and college options

 Facts about the program

  • The CPEO program is designed to support the district’s strategic plan by providing parents with the necessary tools and skills to develop strong and positive home-school partnerships.
  • CPEO is offered during evening with free food and childcare. Limited transportation is provided upon request.
  • Parents that complete the program will receive a certificate of graduation and certificates for free community education and Early Childhood Family Education classes.
  • Parents of students who graduate from an MPS high school and are admitted to the University of Minnesota or Minneapolis Community and Technical College (MCTC) will receive up to free tuition for the student if he/she meets the family income requirements. 
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