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Faith-Based Initiative
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MPS Faith-based Initiative
MPS Faith-based Initiative

Mission: The mission of the Faith-based Initiative is to develop social capital networks that support Minneapolis Public Schools' goal of closing the racial achievement gap.

Integrated Services and Support Model: The Faith-based Initiative is an integration of services and community supports that support the academic achievement of students through community and family engagement. Collaborative resources and social capital networks are shared between faith-based organizations and schools to build strong partnerships and networks with families. Faith-based partners and school communities also come together to provide support and services to the educational growth of all Minneapolis Public School students.


  1. Build a solid network of faith-based partners that align with the district's strategic plan.
  2. Create a district-wide systematic process for members of the faith-based and school community to become authentic partners. 
  3. Provide support and referral services for faith-based and school partnerships.

Areas of focus:

  • Increase social capital networks
  • Support academic achievement
  • Increase parent involvement
  • Strengthen family and school relationships

Rules and regulations for faith-based partners:

  • Faith-based partners should not request, force or ask students to pray.
  • Faith-based partners cannot voluntarily pray with or for students during the time services are being performed on school property.
  • Faith-based partners are not allowed to conduct bible study or read from religious materials while providing services to students on school property.
  • Faith-based partners are not allowed to pass out religious literature to students on school property.
  • Faith-based partners cannot deliberately recruit students to be a part of their organization.

Examples of Partnership Activities:

  • After-school program volunteer
  • Classroom volunteer
  • Door greeter
  • Family Night volunteer
  • Hall monitor
  • School-based site council
  • Lunchroom helper
  • Read to students
  • Parent involvement recruiter
  • Office helper
  • Host parent meetings 
  • Evacuation site in the event of an emergency