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Helping Your Child Succeed
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Helping Your Child Succeed
Helping Your Child Succeed

When parents are involved in their child's learning and school experience, it makes it easier for their child to be successful in school.

Children thrive when their parents or family members pay attention to whether they do their homework, attend school events, and talk to teachers about their learning progress.

Here are a few ways to participate in your child's educational experience:

  • Help your child get ready in the morning so he or she arrives at school on time and ready to learn.
  • Ask your child what he or she learned in school each day.
  • Set aside time to help your child with his or her homework. The district provides many tools such as Homework Help and other learning resources that can help students with their homework and learning.
  • Connect with your child's teacher to learn how you can support his or her academic achievement. "Connecting" with a teacher can be done many ways: over the phone; during parent-teacher conferences; meetings outside of parent-teacher conferences. The important thing is to check in with your teacher at least a couple of times a year to see how your child is doing.
  • The following parent-teacher conference forms can help parents get the most from meetings and conversations with teachers:

Curriculum Learning Guides provide information on the academic skills your child will learn at each grade level (K-5), along with tips on what to ask your child's teacher to make sure your child is learning at grade level.

Connecting Parents to Educational Opportunities (CPEO) is a seven-week curriculum-based program designed for parents to bring schools, parents and the community together as equal partners in the education of students.