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Latino Family Involvement Day
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ü Invite families at least two weeks in advance. Send reminders.

ü Make personal phone calls to invite Latino families: this works, especially when students make the calls.

ü Include students in the planning of the day’s events- they will be more likely to want to attend with their families.

ü Ensure that you have bilingual staff at your event that families can get to know.

ü Ensure that you have other key staff at your event (teachers/family liaisons/secretaries/admin) that families will need to work with as they support their students in school.

ü Assign specific roles to all participating staff- staff need to be meeting and greeting and building relationship with families.

ü Assign specific roles to students- students can help make families feel welcome.

ü Dedicate time during the day’s agenda to share with families different ways that they can engage with the school (FIP, SOTS, Site Council, MPS Latino Parent Advisory Council (Liderazgo Latino), PTO/A, etc.) and how each of these opportunities can benefit their support of their student(s).

ü Make sure to invite parents to return during the rest of the school year!



ü Involve students in the day’s agenda: student greeters, student performances (song, poetry, acting, dance, etc.), student art, and student awards!

ü Recognize Latino parent volunteers during your event, and encourage other parents to volunteer as well by letting them know about all of the different volunteer opportunities at your site.

ü Create a welcoming environment:

ü Greet parents at the door perhaps with a café & pan dulce (sweet bread)

ü Have a clear agenda for the day that includes breakfast or lunch with their child

ü Include music and art and conversations around student support.

ü Advertise your event widely- put posters up in local businesses, and around your school. Send home flyers or postcards. Record robo-calls in Spanish & English. Make personal phone calls.  For Pre-K-5th grade have students bring home an flyer that parents can sign to say if they will be attending, or have students wear stickers home the day of the event as a reminder.

ü Include in your agenda age-relevant projects and/or crafts that students can do with or for their families. This could be art, an interview, etc.

ü Make sure to invite parents to return during the rest of the school year!