Starting a New PAC

Starting a New Parent Advisory Council (PAC)

Starting a New Parent Advisory Council (PAC)

Geographically based Parent Advisory Council Meetings (BOE 1, BOE 2, BOE 3&5, BOE 4 &6) were held in February to inform parents and community members about the councils, how they will work moving forward, and to form Working Groups of participants to lead the planning for future meetings.  If you would like to be part of a Working Group, let us know where your children attend school and we will connect you to the Community Liaison who is suppporting that group. 

Parent Advisory Councils:

Increasing student academic and social emotional success requires family involvement and voice in our homes, schools, and district.

 Parent Advisory Councils are a place for families to come together around shared interests and passions focused on student success.

  • PACs use their voice to create and influence district policies, practices and programs.
  • PACs are a friendly place to learn about district issues, have conversations with other families and community members.
  • PACs are growing to include geography and LGBTQ interest groups this year.

 PACs are designed to create equity by providing access to families where it works best for them.

  • By valuing, supporting, and allowing time for families to share their knowledge.